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About Us

Thaqwa’s History

Thaqwa E M School, Kolathur established in 2003 is administered by Isha’athu Thaqwa Islamic and Service Trust Kolathur. The school is situated in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere with plenty of fresh air at Kolathur in Malappuram district.

Our speciality is to provide a suitable learning experience which help the young learners function well. Dedicated, experienced and efficient hands moulding of a child starts from home and continues through education

Our Philosophy

At our school, our educational philosophy centers around the belief that all students can learn and grow, and that learning should be engaging, meaningful, and relevant to students’ lives.We can help them achieve their full potential.

Community engagement

we place a strong emphasis on community engagement and believe that collaboration between the school, families, and local organizations is essential to creating a supportive and inclusive learning community.

Academic achievement

We are proud of our strong track record of academic achievement, and our students go on to attend some of the best colleges and universities in the country. We are equally proud of our students’ accomplishments outside of the classroom.

Our Mission

At Thaqwa, our mission is to provide high-quality education to our students that promotes their social, emotional, cultural, mental, and physical growth. We believe that every child has the potential to bloom in the garden of life, and we aim to create a learning environment that helps them achieve this.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a school that provides a well-planned academic system that allows our students to reach their maximum level of academic progress. We believe that our well-qualified faculties are instrumental in implementing this planning in our classrooms. Our goal is to provide a suitable learning experience that helps young learners function well and become successful in their academic and personal lives.

We believe that the dedicated, experienced, and efficient hands that mold a child’s growth and development start from home and continue through education. We strive to be a school that works in partnership with families to support our students’ growth and development.

Powerful Alumni

We are proud of our alumni and their accomplishments. We believe that their success is a reflection of our commitment to providing a high-quality education and a supportive learning environment that helps students achieve their full potential.

We encourage all of our alumni to stay connected with School, to share their experiences and insights with current students, and to continue to be leaders and change agents in their communities and beyond.