Campus Life

The students learn in an atmosphere of freedom and fearless with dignity and due responsibility in accordance with his needs, interests, abilities and aptitudes.

Our campus is a place where students can thrive both academically and socially, and we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters personal growth, leadership development, and lifelong learning.From academic programs to extracurricular activities, there are countless opportunities for students to get involved and make the most of their time on campus. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom, and we believe that a well-rounded education is essential to achieving this goal.


Strict academic discipline is maintained. Due importance is given to co-curricular activities like arts sports, various exhibitions and club activities etc.We provide classes from LKG to SSLC recognized by government of Kerala, department of education (The State Syllabus) and also give equal importance to Madrassa education recognized by Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidhyabhyasa Board (SKIMVB) from Pre Primary level to Standard X.

The students learn in an atmosphere of freedom and fearless with dignity and due responsibility in accordance with his needs, interests, abilities and aptitudes. For which we provide a suitable learners’ environment where the learners function well. We formed the following facilities for better environment.

our specialties

Experiential Learning

Well-planned, supervised and assessed experiential learning programs can stimulate academic inquiry by promoting interdisciplinary learning, civic engagement, career development, cultural awareness, leadership, and other professional and intellectual skills.

Individual Mentoring

A mentor is someone who helps you grow your skills, make better decisions, and gain new perspectives on students’ life and career. As a mentee, the mentor will leverage their experience to give you guidance on students career or life now and in the future.

Enjoy Learning

Students who love to learn are more like to engage in their schoolwork and receive positive feedback from teachers and parents. But the benefits of this strength extend far beyond graduation through the working years and into retirement. Indeed, a love of learning may be particularly valuable during older age in that it may prevent cognitive decline.

Ashraf Malayil

Principal, Thaqwa English School

Dear parents and students

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our school website.This institution was established with an objective of providing outstanding education in character building, leadership, discipline, communicative skill, and co-curricular activities along with academic proficiency. For which we provide strong, dedicated and capable team of experts who acts as the driving force in the growth of the school. We have achieved glorious victories in all the public examinations both school level and Madrassa level so far.

The journey that is laced beautifully with triumphs would not have been possible without you. I thank you parents for your generosity in time, talents and resources.



As Thaqwa’s primary aim is to prepare our students to learn Value Education. we are committed to nurture qualitative and value based education. Our Pre-Primary School Recognized by TREND Pres-School .Lower primary And Upper primary focusing Special moral Curriculum Under Department Of Moral Education. High School Students experiencing Practice Islam. Moral Education is given due emphasis in school curriculum. Students are properly guided to showcase high levels of moralities and to exhibit proper code of conduct.

Adab ( Moral Club)

Special Practice Moral Curriculum

This curriculum is Under the Guidance of a special Moral Head to enable the students to follow the textbooks of madrasa classes in daily life and for the betterment of the society

1 -10 Madrassa Curriculum

Samastha Kerala Islamic Matha vidhybhyasa Borad (SKIMVB )

curriculum for Kg students